Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not Me! Monday #2

Okay so here is another week's posting of Not Me! Monday. I hope you enjoy and that everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day like I did!

I did not decide to skip making Mini-Pesto Pizzas for bunco simply because I ran out of time. Why does time disappear so fast when you are getting ready for people to come over???

Of course I didn't let my son who had an upset stomach all week drink a sippy cup FULL of his milk and chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast, only to have it all come back up hours later.

Never would I take pictures of my children when they are sad or feeling at their worst. That would be something only a really mean mommy would do!

In my SUPER organized, chaos and clutter-free home I would NEVER lose the list of gifts that were given to my children for their birthdays and therefore I would not have put off writing some thank yous simply because my pea-size brain could not remember exactly what was given and by whom during the madness that was opening gifts for two children at once!

I did not put my naked daughter on the floor in her brother's room wrapped in her towel while I went back to get her brother out of the bath. Then I did not quickly grab her upside down to keep her from crawling into the bathroom and TOTALLY did not then proceed to step down in a squishy mess that was her seconds fresh poopy on our new carpet. I did not balance on one foot holding her and calling for brother to bring the package of wipes off his dresser for me to try to clean my foot, the poopy baby and the now soiled carpet.

I did not offer to make my grandma a delicious breakfast of waffles, eggs and bacon and then proceed to burn the bacon, fill the house with smoke from my mom's incredibly cool, but old waffle iron, then burn the waffles and get them stuck in the waffle iron (seriously I COULD NOT open one side and had to leave the burnt waffle in there), and then finish up by altering the batter and ending up with somewhat edible pancakes to serve grandma, my sister and the kids. Nope, I am The Pampered Chef - all things turn out perfectly in the kitchen for me! :)

I did not let me son go in the restricted area of a small train town simply because he wanted to and I wanted a picture.

Sadly the list could go on and on I'm sure if I sat here long enough to think of all I did this last week, but alas, my dryer is going off so I've got to run! Have a super week not doing anything I wouldn't do. :)