Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday

A fellow blogger started posts titled "Not Me! Mondays", an opportunity to confess to some of the embarrassing things she'd done that week by pretending that she totally did not actually do them! Today she is offering a giveaway of a handstamped necklace (similar to what I gave my mom for Christmas with her grandkids names) and to enter my name in the drawing I am now offering up my first Not Me! Monday post. Please enjoy and please don't judge - we're all human right? :)

This past week I certainly did not eat a bowl of ice cream every night and of course, I definitely did not sometimes add cake or cookies to that bowl of ice cream. If I had, then tonight would be my first night of sweet treat detox, but then again, I didn't do it!

I did not spend most of my Sunday downloading and cropping photos to in order to purchase them with their 9 cent coupon that expired on Sunday, only to find out when I placed the order that they were so backlogged my photos wouldn't be ready to pick-up until Monday - after the coupon expired! Why would a smart mom like me waste a precious Sunday with my family on the computer? Good thing I didn't choose to do that.

There is no way I cried all the way home from Safeway's today after hearing a little boy the size of McGee screaming in the store and then seeing a Safeway employee walk past us carrying that boy and telling him, "It's okay" and seeing 2 men pinning a man to the ground next to the presumed boys stroller outside. I don't know what exactly happened, but everytime I think of that man's rage and that little boy's face I can't keep myself from crying.

And when it comes to feeding my kiddos, I never would have let my McGee help himself to the fridge and get his own yogurt for breakfast - twice - while I worked out to my 20 minute Shred video. Nor would I feed my newly 1 yr. old Miss Em some pieces of my toast with pb&j just because she begged for it with her outstretched arm and grunting, regardless that the doctor just told me last week that she shouldn't have peanut butter yet. I wouldn't have done that, but just in case I ever thought of doing that, I did just read some research that is showing we may actually be causing some cases of peanut allergies by NOT exposing children to peanut(butter) for their first few years of life.

Well that is it I believe for my first Not Me! Monday post. I reserve the right never to divulge my weaknesses again in the future if I choose, or maybe I will, we'll see. Wish me luck in the necklace giveaway!


  1. Good job girl! I left my Not Me Monday in her comments because I was WAY too embarrassed to put it on my blog :D
    And just for time Skylar comes downstairs with her clothes on backwards, I will snap a picture. I'm sure it will happen sooner, rather than later. :)