Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Or Something

For the last week or so there has been a new, very frequent saying in our house by our very vocal now 3 year old boy McGee. It is "or something". It goes a little like this:

McGee in his pajamas on the first day without rain this week, heading outside to let the dogs in from their run. He takes his first few steps outside and stops, "Is it wet out here or something?"

At Nordstrom's in the kids shoe department looking at the array of shoes, "Are these cute or something?"

Starting to unzip mommy's purse while I lay on the hot water bed table (my new favorite thing) at the chiropractor's office, "Do you have fruit snacks in here or something?"

Staring in the fully stocked pantry and hollering to mommy, "Can we have a snack or something?"

McGee is pushing on the pedal to his battery powered motorcycle but stuck between two chairs and not going anywhere, the wheels keep spinning and mommy says, "Can you please stop doing that or move it somewhere?" The reply which mommy hears, "Is that loud or something?"

After hearing a slight squeal in Em's room, "Is Emily awake or something?"

I think you get the idea. It's a phrase he's been using in many different circumstances and it just sounds so funny when he says it sometimes. On a further development note, McGee has completely regressed potty training-wise and only wants to wear a diaper now. He also has shown his willingness to attempt to climb out of the crib, by throwing a leg over the side while protesting going down for nap. I don't think he can actually get out yet, but thoughts on moving him out of the crib soon are in motion.
My Big Boy


  1. Funny! How about using a big boy bed as an "incentive" to being potty trained???

  2. Addysen does the same thing. Her version is "or something like that!"
    Too cute, your kids are so adorable. I'm so glad I found you and then you were able to find Laura.
    Don't give up on the potty training, it will come. Don't know if its getting warmer at your house but if so, why not let your little one run around sans diaper. I found it helpful, but I have a girl and not sure if the same philosophy works with boys.

  3. Thanks for the comments! A big boy bed is coming soon for sure and the naked roaming around the house will probably be common quite soon as well. As you'll probably see in my next post, I think it's been a blessing this week that he's wearing diapers still. :)