Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tomato, Tomatoe...

This morning daddy and McGee went out and bought our first wave of vegetables to plant for our garden. Apparently the first stop at the nursery was cut short by McGee's flip out over the scary and loud forklift (see Lawnmower Man). Eventually after a trip to Home Depot and then back to the nursery, they came home with different varieties of tomatoes, squash, peppers, beans and even beets. Then daddy spent the rest of the day planning and planting them. He had hoped to have McGee's help, but he seemed tired today and wasn't really that interested in planting. Maybe next year.

Tonight after dinner daddy took us all outside to see our garden and here was McGee's excited response:

McGee: "It's sooo nice! They're SO cute!" I think you had to hear the way he said it, but it was hilarious! Here is a picture so you can see how "cute" the garden looks tonight (actually this pic is only of 2 of the plants):

The weather was just beautiful this evening and the four of us enjoyed the fresh air by sitting and swinging on our back patio. Miss Em really enjoyed swinging with daddy. McGee would run and play, and I pulled him around in his wagon and then he'd come climb on the swing and cuddle with us or crawl between daddy and I for some cuddles with Miss Em too. It was just the type of evening I love and look forward to many more this summer.
My Precious Family

I love the way daddy looks at his treasured daughter...

..and the energy that never stops for this one.

Had to throw in a shot of Miss Em playing with her new stroller after mommy put it together.

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