Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Moments

I know it's a bit late, but I still wanted to add some pictures to remember our blessed Easter this year. We started the day off with a wonderful brunch up at the ranch - the weather was beautiful and it was so much fun to see McGee running around, hunting for eggs in the same place his daddy used to hunt when he was a child. Next we went up to cousins Joel, Amy & Hannah's for a terrific Easter dinner and McGee and Miss Em had so much fun with all of Hannah's toys. Both Grammy & Grandma made special birthday cakes for McGee, since he shared his special day with Christ's resurrection this year. All in all it was just a very blessed day shared with family and here is the proof (please bear with me - lots of photos to follow)!

Our Little Easter Blessings

Grammy & McGee "mooing" at the cows

I just love the beauty of my home county

The joy of running free!

McGee with Auntie Alanda & Addie

"I found an Easter egg in the wheelbarrow!"

Grammy's special birthday cake for McGee

Papa John & McGee having fun with bubbles

My Sis & the Boys

I love these kinds of photos from behind and McGee loved driving that jeep all over the yard Blueberry Jello Salad is my new favorite - I slurped it right on down!

"Look ma, I'm standing!"

Uncle Mike & Joel helped McGee and Hannah hunt, of course McGee thought he had to open each egg and see (or consume) what was inside before continuing so he didn't gather as many eggs as Hannah

Happy 3rd Birthday McGee!

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