Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Heart Shots from Easter

I know I already posted a bunch of Easter photos, but these are the photos from Easter that fall under my "heart shots" category. Photos that may not be what most people would expect from a great shot, but photos that speak to my heart because when I see them I feel an extra jolt of emotion, of joy.

I smile and my heart warms everytime I see the love and adoration between my two children.

I can hear Auntie Michelle and Miss Em laughing when I look at this photo of them having fun.

Great Grandma Briggs may not like this photo (she says she doesn't like her teeth), but I think it is just beautiful and captures her mid-laugh, overflowing with joy.

Another photo I may get in trouble for posting and yet another one that was captured mid-laugh and epitomizes the joy my parents give and get from life and I can't stop looking at it.

Finally, this one just makes me happy to see Auntie Michelle crouched down in the bus playing with McGee and 2 Bambi's (McGee's favorite) perched on the bus as well. Good thing it wasn't an indicator that we'd be hitting any deer on our way home - although daddy and I did have a close call with a deer on Taves Rd.

Well that is all my posting for tonight. I hear my clothes dryer going off (I know it's not Monday, my self-proclaimed laundry day, but I needed to wash the outfits I want the kids to wear for their 1 yr. & 3 yr. pictures tomorrow),so I can fold the clothes now and go to bed - signing off for now...

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  1. Great pictures! Can't wait to see their professionals :)