Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Important Question

"Is pee-pee water?"

This was the question we were asked tonight by our now 3 yr. old. I just LOVE this part of parenthood. The privilege of seeing the incredible daily growth and development of their minds. Today Grandma shared with me how McGee (who spent the last couple of days at their house) told her, "Grandma, sometimes when I'm at home I pretend I'm at your house." I treasure that he has such a great relationship with all of his grandparents and it is so much fun right now as he is really getting into lots of "pretend" play.

Today we had our first "kids party" to celebrate both of the kids' birthdays. It was a whirlwind, fun-filled day with their closest friends and I'm sure I'll post on it later. Just a quick thank you to Alicia for their super cute birthday shirts with the number "3" on McGee's and number "1" on Miss Em's.


Then (May 2008):


  1. And how did you answer McGee's important question?

    The birthday party was so much fun. You and Kyle did a wonderful job making the Mickey Mouse cakes. Both of them were so cute.

    Thanks for inviting us to join in the fun.

    Love, Your Mom

  2. Happy Birthday, Kiddos! Those shirts are so cute!

  3. Can you believe they are 3 and 1? I didn't realize we had two so close in age. :) They are adorable! Glad you are enjoying your new camera!!