Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Funny Kids

We have had a super busy week so far and I've been missing the time to sit down and blog some of our recent moments. I was just glancing through some of my pictures from this weekend and found a couple of our kiddos doing fun (and funny) things. Here's Miss Em discovering the fun haven of the laundry basket:

Here is little McGee walking in his new "shoes" - a couple of plastic tubs we store his toys in:

Hopefully next week will be a little less busy and I'll have more time to blog. Everyday I have a running commentary in my head of moments I want to remember by blogging, but I just haven't found the time to sit down and document them. McGee's imagination and conversations with are just so enjoyable. I love the things he comes up with and Kyle and I often share smiles and chuckles over something McGee has said. I hope that his imagination will continue to grow and that all of the technology and instant entertainment this world has to offer will not squelch his ability to entertain himself with the simplest of things, especially with the amazing world inside his incredible mind.

Update: Miss Em is still having some mommy attachment issues, but is slowly warming up to the idea of others holding her more often again. It seems mostly at nighttime that she really wants only mom. I will say I've been enjoying the extra cuddles though. :) There is nothing sweeter than the feel of a child peacefully laying their head on your chest, knowing they are loved, safe and secure.

Love you my children!

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  1. There's been more than one fight over a laundry basket here - my kids love them!