Monday, March 9, 2009

Spuds of Joy!

A few weeks ago or so my mom and I took the kids to Hometown Buffet for lunch. My mom thought Myles would enjoy having all of the different food options and the selection and food were great. Of course I realized I had forgotten food for Miss Em but we improvised with some steamed carrots and a little bit of mashed potato. Boy did she enjoy that!

Another night my parents were watching the kids and made themselves baked potatoes with their steaks and my mom gave Emily some little bites of her potato. My mom said everytime she gave Emily a bite she would get this BIG smile on her face.

Well last night I was out running an errand and just did not have anything planned for dinner, nor did I feel like figuring out what to put together. Kyle was busy all day working on report cards and so I decided to splurge and picked up Boston Market to bring home. Emily's dinner consisted of pureed ham ( good - typed very sarcastically). Once she'd had her fill of pork, I gave her a tiny bit of the mashed potatoes. What a smile I received! My girl's face just lit up with joy with bite after bite of this creamy spudilicious treat! I prayed any butter or milk that might be in it wouldn't bother her tummy later, but I couldn't pass up this opportunity to delight Emily's palate. In addition to the potatoes, I also gave her some of my sweet potatoes which she also loved, yet her face didn't light up quite as brightly as with the potatoes. I can easily say that Emily's favorite food to date is mashed potatoes. Yum, Yum! Of course I can't recall a single time in our married life that Kyle and I have ever made mashed potatoes (we're more rice people for our starch usually), but I guess that is about to change. Yeah for new adventures in cooking!

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