Monday, March 9, 2009

Where Did He Go??

Tonight I am befuddled. My normally very sweet, fairly well-behaved two year old boy has disappeared! He came home this afternoon from Uncle Mike's where he had stayed the night with Grandma and Grandpa and was his normal happy-go-lucky self. He liked the new bookshelf mommy put together for him and we had lots of fun playing (piling all of his books and toys) in his "truck" (the space between the end of his crib and wall). He went both big and little potty in the toilet and was acting normal, all until a few minutes after dinner started.

Rather than eating the tasty chicken and rice dinner with sweet potatoes and creamed spinach, Mr. M (I'm not using his real name since this is not my normal son we're talking about) played with his food and tried to get chicken into his sippy cup. When told to stop playing and start eating his reaction was this violent scream with head shaking and arm jolting. Not my Myles for sure. Daddy took him to his room and explained we do NOT scream at mommy or daddy and also explained about using our words. "You are a very smart boy Myles and you need to use your words to tell us what you are feeling." I love having a great husband who is also a terrific father.

Daddy gave Mr. M a minute or so of time out. Once he came back he apologized and it was time to start over. He was not about to have it. Another scream later and back to his crib he went. What has overcome him??? He was wired tonight and all over the place. This in itself is not super uncommon, he's an energetic almost 3 yr. old, but the screaming bit and not obeying at all were definitely from some alien who has come and taken over my son's body.

Tomorrow I have decided we are staying home from Mom's Group. Life has been incredibly busy lately and regardless of the sniffles from both the kids, we just need a day to get back to normal and hopefully we'll find that sweet boy I know and love. :)


  1. I usually have to detox for a day or so after my girls have been around any of the grandparents, esp without Joe or I. Lots of sugar, and no rules from them make it a challenge to come back to the routine.

    Hope you found him :)

  2. As you know, I have been there! Hopefully it's just a growth spurt. :-)

  3. So...I'm glad to find that these reactions aren't normal for your sweet little guy. I, however, think that I might deal with these sort of reactions a tad more than you unfortunately. We are no strangers to the fits! I tell myself that Judah is advanced in his tantrums and that he is going through those "2's" early. Although...I have heard that 3 is the new 2. Uh oh :) Sometimes I think they get overwhelmed with life when mom and dad are busy. I know that's true for us. I am sure he returned quickly! You guys are amazing parents. Love ya