Monday, March 9, 2009

Dairy Update

Last blog tonight - I promise! Since I'd mentioned the dairy in my last post I realized I hadn't posted an update since I slowly started adding dairy to my diet. I've been very cautious about transitioning dairy back into my diet while still nursing Emily. That is until a party at my friend Jeni's on Saturday night.

It was a Mom's Night Out/Hang Out potluck and I had a wonderful time. It's always nice to get together with friends for a few hours to catch up without distraction and just be. Of course a majority of the conversations always center around our kids anyway (out of sight is never out of mind for a mother). Well the food looked delicious and I was hungry so I decided to abandon all caution when it came to dairy. I eagerly enjoyed whatever appealed to me and here is a list of what I ate:

Aloha Pizza (I brought this and made a small corner with my Veggie/Non-Dairy cheese for myself)
Prosciutto Pinwheels (I'm certain there was cheese or some sort of dairy in this yummy bite)
Cheesy Artichoke Dip & Sourdough Bread (the name speaks for itself dairy-wise and boy was it yummy!)
Meatballs (no dairy that I can think of)
Toasted Baguette with a melted brie, dried cherries and brandy sauce (these were incredible)
Cream Cheese and Crackers with a Spicy-Rum Pineapple Sauce (I brought this, it's a new Pampered Chef sauce that was a BIG hit)
Apple Slices with a Fantastic Cream Cheese, Brown Sugar, and ??? Dip (this dip was amazing and I definitely need to get the recipe from Marvina)
Bruschetta (tasty and non-dairy)

I feel I'm forgetting something, but it's late and my mind isn't as sharp after a long day. All in all, the food was fabulous, the time with friends was relaxing and the best part of all...I haven't noticed any symptoms of Emily having an upset stomach from all of the dairy I've been eating lately! Yea!!!

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  1. That's great! I hope you both are able to keep it up :)