Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Holding Back the Tide

Daily it's there. On the floor, in the garage, in the hampers...LAUNDRY. It is a never ending job in our house and I've decided to try and tackle it. Actually I have decided to try and just limit it to 1 day of my week instead of 7. Monday I finished all of the laundry and am determined not to do another load until next Monday. I've selected Monday as my laundry day of choice because I don't usually have any planned activities on Mondays and I always feel good with things done at the beginning of the week. My 1 day laundry trial is two-fold, I want to spend less time sorting, fluffing and folding and I also want to see just how many loads of laundry I do per week so that I can see where I might be able to cut down and use less energy and water. Yep I said it, I'm trying to think GREEN.

1 comment:

  1. Good for you! There's no way I could do all our laundry in one day :( I do a bit of presorting with our laundry bins, the kids' items go in specific bins, and Joe and I have our own. Then when I'm loading the washer I sort towels out into a separate basket to wash later. I'm not super picky on sorting colors, just jeans, whites and towels. It works for me - I tend to do 2 loads every other day, but there's a few with 4 in there too :)