Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sick Day Anyone??

When I was a woman of the working-class (well at least the class that was paid monetarily), I admit that there were a few occasions where I took a "sick day" more for what my mother would term a mental health day than an actual cold or flu bug. Well I realize now that in the profession of motherhood, there are no sick days.

Kyle and I both are suffering from terrible colds and amazingly enough the kids are both healthy. They are also still kids though, little beings who need love, comfort, discipline and food, so "sick days" just don't seem to apply to mothers. Now don't get me wrong, I am praising the Lord that the kids are healthy and praying He will protect them from getting sick. I also praise the Lord for giving me the gift of motherhood, but a teeny, selfish part of me is missing those sick days of old where I could curl up on the couch watching old movies all day with no responsibility whatsoever.


  1. Sorry you guys are so sick! That's never fun :( I too wish for a sick day or even just a day off from time to time! Hope you feel better soon

  2. Sorry you guys are sick! That sucks! In response to my last blog that you commented on...that is one joy of having Judah in school! If I am sick...he can go to school and I can get better :) I do miss the days of old every once in a while though too. Maybe your mom can come get them for a day? :) Love you guys! Feel better!

  3. that would definitely be the worst part. its hit me a few times pretty hard and ive had to call in my mom