Sunday, February 15, 2009

First Touch of Snow

Okay I know this is my third post already tonight, but what can I say - we had a fun and exciting day!

After doing a few things around the house this morning we got the call to expect grammy and papa (my in-laws) within the hour. Of course of quickly tried to straighten up the house - I know it shouldn't matter, but I still want to project an image that the woman who married their son has it all together - with two small children and a clean and tidy house. When they arrived I asked if they needed to refrigerate whatever was in the ice chest they brought and my father-in-law proceeded to open it up to show me the SNOW they brought from their driveway! This recent storm gave them a few inches of snow and they wanted to share it with their city-bound grandkids. What fun!

Brady, Addie, Matt & Alanda came down (they only live 4 doors down the street from us) and we took the ice chest out back. McGee was SO excited to see the snow! Thinking back, I believe this may be the first time he's ever seen snow. We had planned to go up to the snow during Christmas break, but the unforeseen water leak and respective restoration and repair issues pretty much took up all of Kyle's break. Somehow though McGee knew he needed gloves so back in the house we ran for some mittens.

McGee, Brady and Addie had so much fun shoveling the snow out of the ice chest. Addie even made a little snowman on the grass and McGee tried to take up the job of snowplow with his front loader. Miss Em also enjoyed her first touch of snow as well. It was the most exciting 15 minutes or so of the weekend so far and I think the kids really enjoyed themselves. Simple pleasures of cityfolk. One day, God willing, we will be country bumpkins again and enjoy our own back porch covered in snow. Here are some pictures and a quick video:

After the snow was gone, McGee realized there was still a puddle left over from the rain and he and Addie had fun jumping in the water.


  1. you know, you and Landy want your kids to experience real snow, you know where to come! They could have a blast here!
    you could all rent one big van and make a trip...wouldnt that be quite the adventure

  2. Oh, that's precious! I love the front loader picture! Here here on living in the country. One day. Sigh.