Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hello Dairy My Friend - I've Missed You!

It has become obvious that Miss Em is teething -- see the poor giraffe satisfying her need to chew:

Thus, I have decided to give dairy another go and see if Miss Em shows any adverse reactions. This may seem like a decision of little consequence, but I tell you when your daughter is screaming in pain due to her tiny body's difficulty in digesting lactose, you cannot help but feel horrible guilt knowing it was your decision to eat whatever it was that is causing her this pain. With McGee it was 5 months before we connected the dots and I cut dairy from my diet. It was amazing what a change it was not to have a screaming infant every night. McGee, mommy is SO sorry I didn't figure it out sooner baby!

With Miss Em, after just a night or two of fussiness I immediately cut out the dairy and we've had a peaceful, happy girl for the last 9 1/2 months. There have been times where my brain completely blocked out that the indulgently delicious cupcake from a friend starting her own cupcake business probably contained a large amount of butter and at times like this, it was usually the night after a break in the no-dairy diet that Miss Em would be in pain. Well today I had a few large bites of Cookies 'N Cream ice cream and some toast with my yogurt butter that has some milk in it. The indulgence for me was quite satisfying and I pray that my dear Miss Em will not have to suffer for it...

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  1. I had a few to catch up on but found all of them as entertaining as ever! I am sorry to hear about the dairy. Not sure I would have the patience and might have given up on the nursing...but as always you are amazing! Dairy will soon be your friend once again...Those kids best recognize the sacrifice one day! :)