Thursday, February 12, 2009

Incredible Blessings

Today I want to take a moment and just capture in written form the incredible blessings God has given me in my parents. Married for 17 years and having adopted 2 terrific children already, suddenly my mom found herself pregnant for the first time which was something they believed was impossible. Since the moment I was born they have showered me in love and I have never spent a moment of my life wondering - "does anyone love me, does anyone even care?".

They provided my brother, sister and I with all the physical comforts we ever needed without turning us into spoiled and irresponsible people. The hours spent driving me from one activity to another (3 types of dance, soccer, softball, swimming,volleyball,tennis,Girl Scouts,Odyssey of the Mind,community service groups, and many others) are countless and I don't recall ever hearing a single compaint. They've always encouraged me and made me feel like I could do anything I put my mind to. They've also been amazing role models teaching me the value of community, family, loving others, honesty, love, dependability, service to others and generosity. There is nothing they won't do for anyone in need, anytime, anyplace.

Now as grandparents they have proven themselves to be even more incredible! McGee and Miss Em cannot begin to know how loved and adored they are by their grandma and grandpa. Many new mothers complain about their mothers as grandmothers, whether they feel they don't help out enough with the grandkids or are too overinvolved and get in the way. My parents are a terrific mix - they overflow with love for my children and want to be as involved as possible, but they understand that Kyle and I are the parents and want to support and follow with whatever Kyle and I decide is right in our parenting. They offer to watch the kids anytime needed - whether overnight or just for an hour (despite them living an hour away) and think nothing of driving down multiple times a week just to be able to spend time with McGee and Miss Em.

Today is a perfect example, like many other days. Last night I talked with my mom and she said they were missing the kids and wondered if we'd be home today and if we'd mind if they stopped by. We had no plans for the day and I looked forward to having them come down if they could. This morning at 8:15 I received the call that they were on their way and thought - yippee, another day of fun for McGee and Miss Em (and me too - plus the extra help with the kids is always nice). They brought down some eggs friends had just given them (homegrown) and my dad and I made a yummy brunch while grandma played with McGee and Miss Em. McGee never wants them to leave and will even ask to call them when it's been a few days since we've seen them.

Today I just want the world to know how thankful I am that my parents care so much about their grandchildren, that they want nothing more than to spend time with them, hold, cuddle and play with them. How many 66 yr. old grandfather's teach their grandsons how to do summersaults by actually doing them? How many grandparents spend hours on the floor playing with their grandchildren rather than just watching them? It is a legacy of love and I am so blessed to be experiencing it. Thank you mom and dad, and thank you Lord for blessing my family and I.

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