Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Psst...McGee!  This is what your room looks like right now...

Tomorrow when you wake I hope you'll be as excited and happy to celebrate the day as we are that God blessed us with a son as wonderful as YOU!


1)  You have a heart filled with love for others (although it's not always apparent in your preschool age love of fighting and swords - boys will be boys...).  Truly from a very early age you have shown great care, concern and compassion for others and I adore the way you stroke my cheek gently and tell me, "God will heal you mommy because I prayed for you!" when I'm sick.

2)  Your sense of adventure and fun!  You can be cautious at times (and that's not a bad thing), but you are also very creative in your play and putting together things that you think would be fun to do.  Last night you found making a HUGE mud puddle and playing in it and the sprinklers such a fun way to spend an evening!  You kept saying about the mud, "It's so sticky!  I love mud, it's so sticky!" in your sing-song voice.

That sing-song voice brings me to #3...

3)  Your love of music and ability to remember lyrics, stay on key and in tune and sing your little heart out brings joy to all those around you!  Daddy (and I) LOVE when you sing and especially when you and Daddy have special music time singing and playing the guitar.

4)  You are one smart cookie!  From birth you have had a "furrowed brow" and we'd be millionaires probably if I had a dollar for every time someone (strangers at the mall even) have said what a "thinker" you are and how you "don't miss a thing!".   It's true of course and you constantly keep us on our toes and amaze us at the things you remember and how you put logic together to figure things out.

5)  You are driven (some may say obsessed) - which I'm sure will lead you to great things in your life.  When something interests you there is no half-way about it, you go all out full throttle!  Examples include cars/wheels (a couple of your first words being "lawnmower" and "wheelbarrow"), swords, bows and arrows, keys (oh the key obsession including losing mommy's car keys for nearly 9 months!) and your latest obsession which is paper airplanes.  I've been told by your preschool teacher that you taught her how to make a paper airplane for the first time in her life and that you provide paper airplanes to most of your classmates each day as well.  Our home (and recycle bin) are littered with paper airplanes you've made.

Above all though, YOU are AMAZING because you were created by God and given to us as a precious gift who we hope we can be Godly parents to.  We know we make mistakes sometimes but we love you SO very much and want the very best for you!  After a miscarriage, a year of trying to get pregnant and then 41 hours of labor, you are our most wanted and waited for gift and we thank the Lord daily for you!

  We love you McGee - Happy 5th Birthday!!!


  1. Happy Birthday! Love this post :)

  2. Aw! So sweet! Happy birthday to your precious boy! Did you decorate while he was sleeping?! So brave!

  3. Oh Mindy, What great expressions of Myles! He really is quite the thinker-he's so very special! Our family so truly blessed!
    Love to Myles from Grammy & Papa

  4. so so sweet, mindy. and what a great mom to let him be drenched in mud! so fun!

  5. Your precious words always make my eyes fill with tears! We think your little man is pretty special too!! I am so glad he is such a good friend to Jared! I pray for them both that they grow to be a great team for God!! They could really do some damage in good and bad ways if they put their sharp minds together! ~Raeane =)

  6. Love this!!!! What fun in the mud!! Happy birthday, sweet boy!

  7. Thank you for all of the sweet birthday wishes! It was a whirlwind of a week filled with wonderful memories.