Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Trip for the White Stuff

A few weeks ago we made our annual trip with some great friends up to play in the snow.  Unfortunately, like last year, Miss Em wanted nothing to do with the snow so Daddy had to spend most of the time sitting in the car with her.  However, after lunch and some yummy hot chocolate, she was ready to sled and we enjoyed a good time getting cover in that wonderful white stuff. :)

McGee LOVES to sled - he had such a blast!

The adults - we always have a great time whenever we can get together.

The kiddos - don't you love McGee's pb&j mouth?

Dear me, could that be a real smile on McGee?

Daddy brushing off some snow after McGee took a snowball to the head.

Hard to believe just an hour or so earlier she was crying in the back of the van refusing to play in the snow.

We found a private little area for lots of snowball fun!

It was a beautiful day - perfect for fun with friends!


  1. What a fun day! Good to hear Miss Em joined in on the fun after all. Amazing what a little hot chocolate can do huh? Your photos are beautiful, especially that last one.