Thursday, March 24, 2011

Project Simplify - Hot Spot #3: Kids Toys/Closets

Last week the Hot Spot for Simple Mom's "Project Simplify" was "Paper Clutter" and I did tackle that was the result being lots of recycle, shred and garbage boxes full, but the paper clutter made me really want to tackle my office overall and that is a much bigger job than I could accomplish in one week.  I do hope to show you an "after" in the next month or so, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it done by then or not.

Moving on...this week the Hot Spot is Kids Toys/Closets.  Despite having already cleaned out their closets pretty thoroughly a couple of months ago, there was still plenty to clear out and there are always toys to pass along.  A great friend was here today and helped me get started with sorting toys (her boys were our second set of friends over today to play and let's just say most all of the toys in the house were out and ready to be sorted).  Here are a couple of before pictures from Miss Em's room - I think we've just been tossing everything in that closet for the last month and closing the door as best we can!


AFTER (big basket for Miss Em's dress-up clothes and little basket, aka Huggies box, is her baby dolls and their accessories):

McGee's Room After (toys separated and organized in those baskets/tubs in the closet cubes, dress-up clothes in the trunk by the dresser):


  1. One question. How long did their rooms stay that clean? Nevaeh's greatest joy comes from messing up her newly cleaned and ORGANIZED room. LOL