Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Surprise Snow & Birthday Fun!

We went up to my parents' a couple of weeks ago to celebrate my niece Skye's first birthday.  We picked my sister and niece up at the train station and headed up a day early to stay over and get things ready for the party.  Saturday morning when we woke up we were happily surprised to see it had snowed in the night!  Snow is not a usual occurrence at their elevation, it wasn't a lot and it quickly melted, but we enjoyed the wonder of it anyways.

McGee ran out front, bare feet and all!  He inspected the snowflakes he and grandma had made and compared them to the snow he saw on the ground.  Then he patiently (or not) waited from Grandma & Grandpa to wake up so they could see it all too!  That's him peeking under their door hoping he could see some signs of life. :)

I loved McGee looking out the window completely enamored with the snow!

As it neared time for the party the three cousins enjoyed a bath together.

There she is - the birthday girl!

Uncle Trevor and his little Hannah girl

Instead of little bags of candy for party favors - Skye (and her parents) gave each one of the four kids an individual present.  You can see Miss Em was happy about her very own Strawberry Shortcake doll!  McGee, Grandpa and Hannah went right to work putting his new Lego set together!

There were party games - one of which involved guessing Skye's current weight!  I was way off.

The there were the many presents...clothes and toys and hats oh my!

And finally, the cake.  Skye was interested in checking it out, put her hands in it and then decided she really didn't like having messy fingers!

Happy 1st Birthday Skye Lynn - we love you!


  1. So cute!! LOVE that cake!! And so funny that she didn't like her hands being dirty :)

  2. Too too fun and sweet. ALL OF IT! I wish we could have been with you to play in and explore that snow!

  3. What a fun post! Looks like lots of fun! I love McGee's face and the look of amazement! What a sweet boy! Looks like a fun first Birthday as well! I love the "guess her weight" game! haha! One day she might not appreciate that!! LOL!! ~Raeane =)