Friday, January 14, 2011

Moms & Muffins/Dads & a miracle!

Back in October Daddy was able to take off work and enjoy a special "Dads and Donuts" day at preschool.  He said it was the greatest thing to be there with McGee and have McGee introduce him to his teachers and show him around.  Daddy loved it!

Well today was "Moms & Muffins" so Miss Em and I joined McGee to some OJ and pastries before class started.  This was the "I don't want my picture taken" face but he gave it his best smile while refusing to look near the camera.

And then a miracle happened...he took an amazing picture showing us his true, happy smile!

And then he did it AGAIN!!!  He was just so happy sitting there with his preschool buddy Ty and was quite obliging to be in pics with him.

Then of course I asked for a quick class picture.  The kiddos are all so cute but why oh why does my camera take such terrible pictures on "Auto"???  That big green box has everyone fooled that it is the guaranteed, best performing setting for the camera and then you get this blurry, out-of-focus class photo.  Argh!

Miss Em is always quite at home in McGee's preschool class and Miss Karen and Miss Laura do a great job of loving on her.  

Flying airplanes...

Just in case you forgot what pictures of McGee usually look like...we have these from this afternoon.  Yep, without Ty he was back to his usual anti-picture self.  :)  

Love this...


  1. Gorgeous pics love the sweet faces and the "anti" ones too lol.

  2. LOL. I actually really love the last one where he's sticking out his tongue.

  3. These are ALl Adorable but especially this last one!

  4. Ha! Love his "antics"! I love miss Em's coat and hat too!! Super stylish! :)

  5. ps do you have a link for your 365 here?