Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just like his mama...

This morning while fixing breakfast I looked up and caught a glimpse of myself, or actually it was McGee, but he was sitting there reading a book while eating breakfast and it reminded me so much of myself.  I remember always needing something to read while I ate breakfast.  Mostly I think it was reading the back of the cereal box, but as I got older I was a bit of a book worm and am pretty sure I was found deep in the pages of a mystery many a breakfasts.

McGee looking through the classic "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" while eating his yogurt

I was out last night at Bible study but when I came home I asked how the kids went down and Daddy told me he found McGee reading a book "by nightlight" and again I was reminded of my reading tendencies pre-children and photography.  I've been craving a good book lately and hope when I finish up my last photo client of the year I'll have a chance to curl up with a good read.


  1. What a good habit to inherit :) So sweet!! Did I mention I love the new sidebar pics too?? :)

  2. You and I have more and more in common it seems. I love to read and have been looking forward to Christmas vacation so I can sink deep into a book. I haven't read anything but the Bible for almost a year and I've missed my stories.