Friday, November 5, 2010

Little Loves and The Things They Say {Friday Funnies}

I came across my pile of scratch paper with scribblings of different things the kids have said that I thought were sweet or cute or funny.  So here is a nice long post to share them all (and now I can decrease my clutter by throwing all the notes away!):

"Dear Jesus,
Thank you for your wonderful grace and thank you for Mommy and Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa, Grammy and Papa, McGee and Miss Em.  Please help McGee to get clean and to feel better and be happy and thank you for all you do. Amen." - Miss Em
McGee was getting dressed in his pajamas while Miss Em was cuddling with her "baby" (soft blue puppy w/ pull string that plays music) on the floor watching him.  I was putting away some of his clean clothes and heard Miss Em say, "He is SO handsome.  McGee you are SO handsome!"
While getting ready to head to a birthday party for a preschool classmate McGee grabbed his yellow striped tie and said, "I need to wear my tie today because that's his name - Ty!".  Then he proceeded to clip his yellow striped tie on and wear it to the party!
Coming home from a birthday party McGee was invited to he was going through his goodie bag and found a box of animal crackers.  Mommy was starving (hadn't eaten ALL day) and asked for a couple crackers.  McGee said, "Well you can have one Mommy but I'm saving the rest for Miss Em because I think she's probably sad she didn't get to go to Ty's birthday party and I want to bring her these because I know she likes them."
"Mommy I got a little pee on the floor.  I was watching what I was doing, but my pee pee wasn't watching what IT was doing and so it went on the floor." - McGee
Miss Em, "Ow! He bit my finger."
Mommy, "You want me to give it a kiss?"
Miss Em, "Yes please. Thank you!"
Part of McGee's prayer the other night, "Please watch over all of the super heroes and help them save the people who are not safe."
Mommy was editing pictures for a client one day and had this exchange with McGee"

McGee: "Mommy what are you doing?"
Mommy: "Working on pictures. Trying to make them look good so the people will like them."
McGee: "But Mommy, they already look really good!"

Then I found a note from a month ago recording this exchange:

Mommy: "Pray for Mommy okay?"
McGee: "Why?"
Mommy: "Pray for Mommy to do a good job."
McGee: "Oh but Mommy you always do a great job."

I love my sweet little encourager!
Breakfast time is always interesting as the kids have their own ideas about what they want to eat.  Here is what McGee said one morning as he pointed at the cereal shelf in the pantry: "I want that one, the chicken rooster cereal." (Cornflakes)

An exchange with Miss Em:
Mommy: "Do you want this one (pointing to a box)?"
Miss Em: "No (with a big, confident smile)."
Mommy: "Do you want this one (pointing to another box)?"
Miss Em: "No (same big, confident smile)."
Mommy: "Oh you want this one (pointing to Cookie Crisps, the only sugar cereal on the shelf)?"
Miss Em: "Yes! (with BIG, BIG smile and big eyes)"


  1. Sweet sweet kiddos!! I love their little prayers! Sorry there's no link up today. I'm takin' a break :D

  2. So cute :) Sounds like McGee's love language is encouraging words!! They say the cutest things :)

  3. I love all the sweet things you shared. I especially love how sweet they are to you and each other. Makes your heart soar doesn't it?!