Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Little Helpers

I am blessed with very helpful children.  At 2 & 4 years old they find it exciting to help Mommy or Daddy with whatever task we're working on.  I'm praying this enthusiasm for help around the house doesn't wane in the preteen and teenage years.  While the helpful attitude is much appreciated, the actual "help" provided is not always so helpful and can sometimes really slow us down when we have things we need to get done.  Therefore, there are occasions where we encourage their busy little hands in helping us and other times where we think of some different task they can help with so we can finish what needs doing.

Tonight was a night I was happy to encourage McGee when he asked if he could cut up the vegetables for our vegetable soup.  Initially I didn't see how he could help cut the carrots or the onion, but then he grabbed hold of the broccoli, asked for a dinner knife and away he went cutting it all perfectly for our soup!  Thank you McGee for your contribution to our dinner, your careful attention to safety and thoroughness did not go unnoticed and Mommy is very proud of you and the little man you are becoming.  I love you my little broccoli cutter!


  1. Mr. Magoo was so funny at school today. I was taking pics for Miss Dawn and he was at the top of the slide hanging in limbo. I said his name to take his picture and he kept ducking and saying, "I don't like my picture taken!" I laughed and said, "I bet you don't. Your mommy takes lots of pictures of you just like I do of my little girl." He giggled and said, "Yeah. She does." I managed to snap a pic or two of him by saying I was taking the other kid's picture not his. He is just too darn cute! What a good helper. I'm not sure I'm ready to take that same step with Yaya.

  2. I actually laughed reading your comment Frizzy! I can completely picture that scene and appreciate you hanging in there and trying to get a picture of him. Thank you for your kind words! If Yaya is interested you should definitely give he a try, working the salad spinner or tearing the lettuce is a great place to start. :)

  3. Love his expression in the last one!
    There are kid safe knives that actually cut pretty well from pampered chef. I think they are only about 3 dollars. We were given 3 as a gift from a friend and the girls love them!!!

  4. Awe! So cute! I love how you captured a moment in your lives and put it all together. Great job!