Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We're not really Halloween people here, but we did dress the kids up and attend our church's harvest party tonight where they enjoyed playing lots of games, filling their bags with candy, munching on nachos and ending it all with a delectable cupcake from the cupcake walk (which really was a "walk-up-and-take-a-cupcake-because-we-don't-have-any-music-to-play-to-make-it-a-game walk").  I remember the cake walk being my favorite part of the Halloween festival when I was a kid, guess the sweet-tooth doesn't fall far from the tree. :)

Miss Em utilized a newly acquired via hand-me-down Princess gown and a new tiara Mommy bought on clearance for $2 for a very economical costume.  She could not have been more precious!

McGee was originally going to be a cowboy, then a cowboy superhero, then a pirate, until he finally decided to be a knight after receiving this cool helmet, breastplate and sword that Grandma found at the dollar store.  Add in a new black turtleneck Grandma picked up and we had a very galiant and courageous Knight protecting our Princess.

 Mommy & her munchkins

A sweet little boy gave Miss Em this adorable little froggy with a tie on that he had just won.  She was so excited she even gave it a big hug and kiss!  Our own little Princess and the Frog!

One of her many faces that keep us laughing!

McGee was pretty mellow throughout the evening, just taking all of the chaos and fun in I think.  He did great with all of the games though and scored high on this ring toss!

Now this was a game I hadn't seen before - catapulting the rubber chicken into the pot.  McGee and Daddy had fun with this one and McGee made a hole in one too!

Miss Em enjoyed "fishing"

McGee and Daddy waited to get some scrumptious nachos

Daddy and Em

Mommy & McGee

Miss Em was so happy to see her sweet friend who blessed her with her little Princess dress

Selecting the important task!

Mm, mm...good!


  1. What a very fun evening! Love their costumes and all the smiles. The chicken game is one played at Circus Circus in Vegas and Reno and is Always a blast!

  2. They look absolutely adorable!

  3. It looks SO similar to our church fall festival! :) We are the same way...costumes are not a big deal here. I find them at yard sales throughout the year and they just go in the dress up bin. Then, they get to choose a costume from the bin :D I think this years costumes cost a grand total of 1.50 :D LOVE LOVE LOVE that look on Em's face! So glad you captured it.

  4. It was a fun time had by all! I didn't put it together that he was a Knight protecting the Princess! How precious!! They looked great! Glad you guys got to come! Love the picture of Ms.Em laying her head on McGee!! So sweet! ~Raeane =)