Thursday, October 7, 2010

All Aboard!

A few weeks ago we had a fun family morning taking a train ride using our free passes with our museum membership.  McGee loves trains (as most toddler/preschool boys do) and has ridden on light rail/BART, but never a real steam engine train.  We arrived early (I was the first in line!) and were excited to board when they called for passengers. 

Waiting to board

I LOVE this image - my husband's eyes light up and sparkle when he's really happy and I love that I was able to capture that here when he was enjoying a moment with his son!

The train ride was 6 miles up, then we stopped, the engine detached from the train, drove up a ways and then came back on another track to hitch itself to the opposite side of the train and drive us back where we began.  Confusing explanation?  Well the kids enjoyed being able to go up to the front and watch it all from out the door!

The train ride was great, but we thought we top the day off with some lunch and ice cream at Gunthers!

I love days like this with my family!


  1. That sounds so fun!!! You guys were brave being the first in line; I bet that meant there was a long wait involved? Love the pictures; I wish we had that around here!

  2. Where do you go to catch this train? Looks like a blast.

  3. Such sweet photos! Love the two of Kyle with McGee. Sweetness!! Miss Em is starting to look SO tall!!!! Tell her to stop please. kthanks. :D

  4. Oh Mindy, as always AMAZING! You truely know how to capture your family! Your blogs often brings tears in my eyes! Either from laughter or because they are so precious! Looks like so much fun! Where was this? So fun! ~Raeane =)