Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Funnies

Linking up to "Friday Funnies" again at Triple Blessings.  Here is another week of conversation recaps and/or "funnies" from the Sunshine House:

McGee to Mommy: "I have two names.  Stink 1 and Stink 2."

Miss Em: "Mommy can you please hold me because I like to laugh."  Awww, I'm so glad holding my daughter makes her laugh. :)

McGee: "I thought it would be cute for me to wear this today." (Red and blue striped shirt and blue cargo shorts it did look very cute...until he got it soaked playing outside with the hose.) :)

Miss Em: "Mommy we were washing dishes so we could help you and but I got myself all bubbly."

Mommy to McGee: "McGee can you please put the chairs away?"
McGee to Mommy: "I am really busy right now so I can't do that."

About 45 seconds later -
McGee to Mommy: "Mommy can you PLEASE put batteries in this for me?"
Mommy to McGee: "I am really busy right now so no, I can't do that."

I'm not sure this was the right way to handle this, but it worked for this morning.
Last night Daddy was heading to bed and said, "Did you see McGee yet?"  I said, "No." and quickly ran down the hall to have a look.  I dashed back to grab my camera and capture THIS:

 Whatever keeps him asleep works for me!

Guess who learned how to pedal her bike tonight?  Yep - Miss Em!  I had let the dogs out back into their run then came back inside.  Next thing I know I heard something in the backyard, turned on the light and found Miss Em pedaling her bike around the patio in the dark.  She was having a blast!  I sat outside and watched her for awhile then said, "Okay Em, one more ride around and the it's time for night, night."  She said, "That's right!  Righty tighty, lefty loosie, oh Mommy you're a silly goosie!"  Ha!

I hope you have had a great week - it's been fun and busy here!  Miss Em is currently sick though with a nasty cough and runny nose, but I'm hoping a good night sleep will help her feel better for the morning.  She's currently laying in bed singing, "Happy Birthday" to herself followed by, "Amen!".


  1. What a beautiful post Mindy. You have such a beautiful family and your Friday Funnies will keep your heart warm and your family laughing for years to come.

  2. Those are great!! I love the way you handled the "busy now" comment. Sounds like something I would do :D
    Miss Em's comment at the end is so cute!!!

  3. You are going to be so glad that you have written down these moments :). So precious :).

  4. You are all very right how much we'll appreciate these moments written down and the photos too! That's what my blog is all about really. Now if I only got to work in getting it printed... :)