Saturday, September 25, 2010

Everyday Moments

It's the everyday, routine moments that make up our life and I don't want to forget them, no matter how small.  This blog is all about recording our life so we can look back and remember these moments, so tonight I took lots of picture of Miss Em during bath because I don't want to forget the sound of her giggles as she pours bucket after bucket of water over herself getting clean or her pudgy little hands and baby fat that is quickly disappearing.  Her runny nose, so common to childhood, and the fact that she talks in her sleep (okay this is a little random but she just said, "Mommy don't stop doing that." in her sleep while I'm typing this). :)  So with technically imperfect, but life-capturing perfection, here is Miss Em during bath time tonight:

Oh and in this bottom left image, Miss Em is sitting on her little potty, where she got out and went pee twice and #2 once during her bath.  Thank goodness she didn't go in the bath!


  1. What fun photos! I LOVE everything about the one of her finger in the spout!!

  2. What a great idea! I love this! Thanks for sharing! And I am loving the new songs!! =)
    ~Raeane =)