Monday, August 9, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Oh I think I missed last week but here I am participating in another Not Me! Monday.  MckMama started this fun blog carnival as a way to admit some imperfections (or chaos created by our children) and release some moments we might rather forget.

  - I had some doozies a couple of weeks ago but have been too busy to write them all down.  Let me just say that the morning before leaving for church and then to drop off the kids at G&G's for 4 days while we went to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, McGee and Miss Em did NOT entertain themselves while I finished packing by snacking on Salt & Vinegar chips, crackers and a quart of milk.  This snackfest was NOT held in McGee's room and did NOT include them dumping that quart of milk all over the floor...hours before we were leaving with a closed up house for 5 days!  Nope, my kids would NEVER do something like that!  Therefore I did NOT rush around with my trusty Green carpet cleaning machine right before running out the door to church.
 - Within 5 minutes of returning home from our vacation this is NOT what Miss Em decided would be FUN...

  ...needless to say we did NOT sell the sandbox (and all sand) on Craigslist later that week. :)  I am NOT thrilled knowing I won't be spending anymore of my evenings or days sweeping up the massive amounts of sand found everywhere BUT in the sandbox.

  - While camping this past weekend Miss Em did NOT wake up terrified around 11:30 pm and scream hysterically for about 40 minutes.  I did NOT try to hide her out in my parents' van to muffle the sound as much as possible.  I was NOT tempted to toss everything in the car and drive the 2 hours home just to get out of there!
 - Oh my little Em did NOT knock over the garbage can and dumpster dive to get her Yam-Yam container then proceed to eat the rest of her chocolate dip.

 - McGee's picture was NOT taken and submitted by my parents' friend to his local county fair photography contest.  This picture was not of him and his frowny face and I did NOT tell McGee when we saw the picture, "Hey honey, this is the face you were making when you were born!"  I have NOT heard hundreds of times that McGee has quite the "furrowed brow".

 - I am NOT giddy with delight having seen Daddy just walk in the door with our vacuum freshly fixed from the repair center...a newly vacuumed room is NOT one of my favorite things. :)

Now off to vacuum....


  1. I love his little pensive look. :) And the fact that you took pictures of the sand and the dumped trash can make me laugh :)

  2. It is essential to constantly clean your carpet especially true if you happen to have children or pets at home.

  3. these are always so entertaining...especially the photos that go with it! adorable!

  4. Thank you for the comments - oh especially the very personal 3rd comment! :) I guess I've been SPAM-commented.