Thursday, July 15, 2010

Special Days for Special Kids

This week while McGee has been at vacation Bible school Miss Em has been missing him just a bit.  Yesterday after dropping off our "olders" at VBS, some friends and I took our "youngers" to My Gym for a free, fun trial class of tumbling, songs, balancing and LOADS of fun!

Miss Em LOVED sitting in the ball pit and bouncing on the trampoline.  I wasn't surprised at all when she wanted to stay in the swings all day, but she DID prove herself to be a little go-getter by doing some of the parallel bar tricks all by herself after being shown what to do.

She wasn't always paying the best attention. :)

When we came back to pick up the older kids I tried peeking through the window of McGee's class to see how he was doing and get some (not very good) pics:

Oops - my little Koala saw me through the window and came running!


  1. Looks like she was having a fabulous time! Yeah! Is he at Fremont? That's were my kiddos are..

  2. Great pictures! That Miss Em is so cute and funny!!! Looks like a great place! Glad "McGee" had a fun time! ~Raeane =)

  3. Nope, not Fremont, my BIL's church. It was a great week and boy are we all tired!

  4. Love those! Bailey loves that ball pit too!! I love the one where she isn't "paying much attention" :D So cute!!
    We are doing VBS this week but only Reagan can go because Skylar isn't starting school this year yet. I know she is going to love it too!!