Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Funnies

My old college classmate and blogging friend MomBrose has JUST started a Friday link-up called "Friday Funnies".  It's an opportunity to record the funny things our children say, the things that make us mother's laugh and sometimes those things we have to try REALLY hard to keep a straight face when we hear despite dying of laughter inside!  I didn't remember to write things down so I don't have much today even though I know there were lots of funny conversations and one-liners.  I hope you'll enjoy what I do have!

McGee was sitting at the table working on a project and I was folding laundry next to him when the following conversation began,
McGee:  "Oh just get rid of me."
Mommy (heartbroken to hear these words from him):  "Get rid of you?"
McGee:  "Yes."
Mommy:  "Well where would you go?"
McGee (matter of factly):  "I would just go up to heaven."
Mommy:  "Well Mommy would miss you too much."
McGee (without skipping a beat or looking up from his project):  "Oh no you won't because I can just tell God my phone number and then you could talk to me or God could help me come back for visits."

At the county fair, Miss Em, full of smiles on the carousel, "Giddy-up horsey, giddy-up horsey!  Grandma I'm riding on a horsey!"  Okay maybe it isn't super funny to YOU, but it made ME smile wide when I watched her delight at riding a "horsey".  :)

I've been taking McGee and our nephew Brady to Vacation Bible School all week and today on the way home I was telling Brady he'd be staying at our house until his Papi (Grandpa) came to pick him up.  He says, "They used to give me lots of money when I asked for it, but mom won't let me ask anymore."  That in itself made me laugh, but then McGee had to chime in his opinion.  "You know Brady, if you want money you don't have to ask for it, you just get into your mom's purse and get it!"  Spoken like the little boy who has been getting into trouble lately for getting into LOTS of things he shouldn't be. :)  Oh and I DID let both boys know it is NOT okay to get into their mommy's purses and take money.

One day after VBS I asked McGee if they had snack and he said, "Oh yeah we did.  We had invisibles."  I said, "You had what?"  He said, "Oh you know Mommy, invisibles, those things that aren't good for our teeth?"  "Oh!  Skittles!"  We had just seen Skittles at the store last week and when he wanted them I explained they were not good for his teeth.  I guess despite MANY thoughts on the contrary, he really DOES listen! :)

Well that's all for tonight - I think I may actually be heading to bed early for a change.  Maybe with a good book.  Hmmm...that sounds nice. 


  1. Sooo cute! I just love that. I had tried to keep a book to write down the things that the boys would day but just never kept up with it. Great idea to post and remember. We always think we will remember because it's so dang cute, but we never do! These are adorable! (even without pictures :)

  2. Careful who you call "old" missy! :) Haha!!
    Love that you played along! I love to recall the funny stuff they say and do. Makes my heart so full of joy!!

  3. Oh, and I love the invisibles!!!! Skylar kept asking to go see Spectacle Me and Reagan corrected her and said "Skylar, it's RESPECTABLE Me." I finally had to tell them it was "Dispicable Me" and they both said "What is THAT?!" hahaha!!

  4. Too cute!

    Last week, Bird and I noticed a new blue thing Yaya was calling a pillow for her Barbie. I asked what it was and where she got it. "Don't worry mommy I cut off my Glow worm's ear but he's ok. He still has two ears and I'm ok." was her reply. Bird and I asked her how she cut off her worm's ear and she told us, "Well, my body told me I could do it." We asked what her body told her she could do. "Well, my body told me I should cut it off with my kid scissors and they didn't even cut my hand. See?!" It was all we could do not to crack up.

    Today while Yaya was taking a bath and pretending to be a Chef she suddenly said, "I have to go poo poo now. A chef always goes poo poo before she makes her next meal." and she proceeded to climb out of the tub.

  5. Lisa - keep up with writing it down whenever you can, it's amazing how quickly we forget!

    MomBrose - I always love reading yours b/c your girls are at a similar age to my two and they are hilarious!

    Frizzy - Yaya seems to have such a sweet, tender and gentle heart that this cracks me up that she would cut off the ear! I love what she said to you in response and her Chef quote? SO funny! You should link up next week.