Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Farmers to Fireman

We had a great Saturday as we started the morning out visiting a nearby farm that was having a craft festival that my friend Brandy was selling her amazing nursing covers, onesies, tank tops and clips at.  Miss Em came away with an adorable tank top and Mommy got a cute new clip.  We had lots of fun browsing with our friends Jed and Jackson and enjoyed the picnic lunch that Daddy made for all of us.

Miss Em made friends with some nice Irish Setters

After the farmer's market we had the chance to go visit "Fireman Joe" and have an inside look into the firetrucks and station.  The kids had a blast and McGee really liked wearing the mask and talking like Darth Vader (even though he has no idea who that is!).

Another fantastic summer day!


  1. Green with envy! Sounds like so much fun. How are things on the job front?

  2. Fun day! I thought you were away in a romantic anniversary trip with no internet? :)

  3. It was lots of fun - thanks for asking Frizzy, but still no job news to share. :( Alicia - it was strange with no Internet, but fortunately I can schedule my posts ahead of time. :)