Thursday, June 10, 2010

Parading Through Town

I love that I grew up in a very small town.  I loved knowing everybody and have always taken pride in my little town.  I was so excited when the kids and I went up to my parents for the weekend and were able to partake of an annual tradition of our little town, the Italian Picnic Parade.  I marched in this parade many times as a child - with my Girl Scout troop, dance group and then for the last time as a entrant for the Miss Amador Pageant, that was nearly 13 years ago!  Crazy how time flies so fast!

McGee didn't want to go to the parade at first.  That morning I heard lots of "I don't want to go.  I want to stay home", but in the end he went and had a blast (as I knew he would)!  

You can find some pictures in my Not Me! Monday post from earlier in the week.  Here are some more:

An hour before the parade began (we got the time wrong and arrived WAY early)

Miss Em, My mom, My Sister & McGee

My 'lil sweetie got a pretty ribbon tiara

McGee was SO excited Grandma bought him a trumpet!

In awe and wonder...

My niece Skye woke up to enjoy the festivities...

The kids had a blast collecting all the candy that was thrown...

McGee was so into the candy that he started following the trucks down the street in search of more sweet treats (that's him below the blue arrow)...

Finding his way back to us...

The many faces of Miss Em...

Parade joy...


I liked this.  These were all of the cheerleaders from BOTH high schools in the county and their shirts say, "Spirit is what counts".  Very nice.  By the way - those with the blue shorts go to the BEST high school. :)

Man I love these people...

My girl...I have no words to explain why she was roaring and making these faces at a parade participant!  She is such a crack-up!

Gotta have Smokey the Bear!

My All-American kiddos...

Dots + A Boy = Pure JOY

As we were heading out from the parade I was taking this final shot and recognized my oldest (as in lifelong, not age) friend in the frame!

I was SO excited to see Liesl and her family.  Our moms were friends when they were pregnant with us and we've been friends ever since!  I can't tell you how many sweet cards, notes, postcards I have in my hope chest from Liesl through the years.  Her family traveled quite a bit (France, South Africa, South America) and we always kept in touch.  She was also one of my bridesmaids.  Sadly, the last time I saw Liesl and her husband Nathan (a friend of ours since jr. high) was more than TWO YEARS ago when I was 8 months pregnant with Miss Em and a very large bridesmaid in their wedding!

As my sister said, it was the highlight of our day to see Liesl and her family!  Hopefully we'll be seeing each other again soon!

Well if you've gotten this far down, thank you for looking at my many pictures, here's a sweet little wave "Bye!" from Miss Em and don't forget to go to your town's next parade!


  1. Love all the pictures!! The many faces of miss Em are my favorites!! :D

  2. Those are so fun! I love how Em is so into it! That's out for the sports, girl! Looks like a fabulous time!

  3. Love those pictures - that town is SO cute!! Where is that? Love the picture of the bridge- beautiful! And Miss Em's faces are a crack up. Your niece is getting so big too!

  4. Mindy you did a wonderful job capturing the fun
    time we had at the parade. The pictures of our
    beautiful grandchildren are so precious. Yes,
    meeting up with Liesl and family was a highlight
    of the day. Love, Your Mom

  5. Mindy, next year I would love to go to that parade with you and your family. I have tons of questions about the entire celebration.

    As always you captured the day so beautifully.

  6. Thanks all - it was an awesome time and I'm glad I could "scrapbook" the memories here in my blog! Lisa - you are so right about Em, I can totally see her being in sports and very competitive. :) Thanks mom for having us and providing such a great weekend for your grandchildren! Frizzy - I'll tell you all about it next time I see you!