Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

All of a sudden it seems (at least to me), the heat of summer has been turned on and we have been having 100+ degree days.  Yuck!  Thank you Lord for our fairly new air conditioner that has kept me happy (the heat makes me a bit cranky) and cool inside.  Thank you also for great friends who invite us over to cool off by the pool...what a nice treat!

The kids and I (Daddy doesn't really swim much in public, something about not taking his shirt off and a beached whale...whatever) really enjoyed having the sweet relief of a pool to dip ourselves into Sunday afternoon when the temp was 104 degrees.  Our friends Sarah & Joey invited us over to Joey's parents and we had a blast, especially with their two furry pups Bubba & Tyson and Joey's parents dog Tanner (LOVE that name!).

The dogs like to swim, well actually Bubba likes to swim and Tyson and Tanner seemed to tolerate it.  Ever seen a groomed little pup after it's been swimming?  Here's a little peek:

Ever see a blind American Pit Bull Terrier swimming away?  Well I've got a peek of that for you too!

McGee actually had fun pushing Bubba in...

...and Bubba seemed to enjoy every minute of it!  Sadly, shortly after this Bubba got pretty sick and had to be rushed to the emergency vet.  We were all pretty scared for him (he was urinating blood) but after some plasma (I think), fluids and lots of rest, they think he'll be okay.

Little Tanner - a lab pup was just adorable and so soft to pet!  But just like Miss Em, this little toddler pup often snuck off and had to be searched for...

 Miss Em was a little fashionista insisting once again on her little Eskimo boots to complement her swimsuit cover-up and sunglasses...
Once our little diva was ready to swim, Miss Em was cute as could be in her most recent hand-me-down swimsuit (thanks Jenna)!

The spa was not heated and made a perfect "kiddie pool" that satisfied the kids for awhile.  I love how Daddy had his little finger hooked in to Miss Em's swimsuit to secure her in case she were to fall in. :)

I did manage to snap a couple of pictures of McGee despite his boycott of the camera and an exasperated "Moooommmm"  when he saw my lens pointed his way.

McGee amazed us with how much he loved the water (swim lessons last year were a nightmare!).  Both kids just LOVED the pool and didn't want to get out.  I couldn't believe he was standing on the bottom step all by himself and I even let go of him and let him float for a minute by himself with his arm floaties keeping him up.  He was excited, nervous and happy about it but then decided that was enough and let out a scream.  Baby steps people, baby steps. :)

This is a terrible picture, but you can see the sheer joy Miss Em had being in the pool.

The perfect end to a super-fun day...a chocolate cookie!

I hope you are staying cool this summer too!


  1. Love that wet puppy at the top!! Sweet!! Our biggest dog likes the water too. The little one...not so much. :)

  2. So many wonderful and truly summer pictures! Love it. The doggies are just adorable. Sweet, sweet.
    No problems with your blog...the natalie grant song is one of my very fav and makes me cry everytime. hits personally. love being held. praise God for that.

  3. Looks so inviting! I love the pool and swimming also! Miss Em in her little outfit is to much! haha!! Looks like a fun day! ~Raeane =)

  4. Thank you all for the comments!