Thursday, May 6, 2010

Birthday Party #2 - The Fam

We're into May already and I haven't posted about the kids' family birthday party that we celebrated on Em's actual birthday - my big girl is officially two now!

Here's a little photo recap, the peeps:

Uncle Mike & his soon-to-be wife Lee Anne

It was the extended family's first time meeting Baby Skye - the newest member of our group

Daddy Swap - Scott w/ Em and Daddy w/ Alex (the recipient of most of McGee's hand-me-downs)

It's Present Time!

Uncle Mike LOVES shopping for kids toys, I think he finds too many toys though that he'd like for himself :)

Ahhh...Em's new soft and cuddly monkey

(click image to make larger)

Our family shot:

The cake, as referenced here, I went easy this year and utilized Costco's fine bakers:

A happy day for this boy:

I can't get enough of this precious little one:

My brother and sister giving my mom her birthday present - a GPS guide!

The original five (plus Baby Skye):

Meet McGee's adorable possible-future-wife, oh my grandbabies will be cute!

Here's her lovely family - picture perfect!

I'll leave you with our spunky birthday girl herself, Happy Birthday my little goofball!

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