Monday, April 26, 2010

Not Me! Monday

It was a long week for us as we stayed home from Mom's Connection and Bible study trying to keep the kids' hand, foot and mouth virus from spreading to other children.  My mom came down one day and took the kids out for a few hours which gave me a chance to participate in an online webinar photography class, as well as touch up some paint around the house and lots of other things that have been difficult to get done with two little ones running around.  Who wants a 3 yr. old that knows where the super glue is kept or how to operate a staple gun? 

I still had plenty of "not me" moments this week though so keep reading if you want to hear about them.  The "Not Me! Monday" blog carnival was started by MckMama and you can find her and others' "Not Me" posts on her blog.

- While drying off in the garage after coming in from the rainy and wet backyard, our dog Ben did NOT curl himself up and lay in the laundry basket on top of McGee's clean (it was) comforter.

 - My kids could NOT have been found at the mall THREE times this past week!  I did NOT score a full size Origins cleanser on Earth Day FREE and 2 pairs of Converse for McGee for only $22 ($10 for one pair, $12 for the other)!

 - I did NOT lock my husband out of the house (AGAIN!) while he was putting the garden in our backyard.  I did NOT have to turn around and drive back home to let him in after receiving a call from his cell phone (good thing I thought to bring that outside to him before we left!).

 - Miss Em, our child who does NOT get into anything, did NOT get out a large brand new bottle of baby wash and absolutely did NOT proceed to pour it's entire contents out onto the floor in McGee's room.  Mommy was NOT alerted to this by McGee yelling, "Mommy - you have to come see what Em did!"  (Sorry no pictures this time - sometimes cleaning up immediately is more important than capturing the mess!)

 - With Miss Em in the living room saying, "I have to go potty", I did NOT take off her diaper to let her go sit on the potty to find she had already gone #2 in her diaper.  Fearing that more was coming, I did NOT run after her down the hall to the bathroom holding her onesie up in the back and kick something that fell out of nowhere on the way.  Upon further inspection, I did NOT realize what I kicked was the #2 that fell out of the diaper I was holding on our run to the potty.  I did NOT have to go get some toilet paper to pick up and dispose of said #2 and I most definitely did NOT waste a whole paragraph of my blog talking about poop!

- After only looking at the total # of people coming on the Evite for our kids' b-day party then realizing about 10 people who we knew were coming, had not actually RSVP'd, I did NOT end up letting my mom pick up a Costco cake rather than bake the delicious cake I had intended .


  1. ha! that poop story sounds all too familiar! :)
    So, do you like the origins cleanser?

  2. NICE!!! You have kids I am sure this won't be the last time you talk about poop! haha!! Where did you find such a great deal on converse? I love the boys in those! Thanks again for this! Love reading it! ~Raeane =)

  3. I can so relate!!!! The cleanser sounds great!

  4. I haven't tried the cleanser out yet, but you can bet it'll be on my Monday Must-Haves if I end up liking it. :)

    The Converse I found at the Baby/Kids Gap. They were on sale and then an additional 40% off. :) I also snagged up 3 pairs of pjs for the kids for next year for only $4 & $5 each (for the set!) and a cute shirt and headband for Em for only $3.50 total. :)