Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Photographic Tour

Since I shared on a recent post how much college meant to me (don't worry mom & dad, the academics meant just as much as the social aspects), I thought it would be appropriate to take you on a little photographic tour of the campus.

They had fencing or sword fighting lessons going cool is that?

The Towers - Freshman housing, need I say more?

The infamous golf carts - Daddy drove these around all the time working for the athletic department

Needham Chapel - the smaller chapel on campus and a true sanctuary (also where this gal got hitched)

A view through to the library

My kiddos running around in front of "The Caf"

The updated "Caf"

Used to be "South" Hall - where I was a Quad leader

The gym - Daddy & I both worked for the athletic department

Who could forget the ever-present helicopters taking off and landing at the police station next to campus?

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