Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Wishes...

Feeling a bit sluggish today?  Like this week is  s t r e t c h i n g          
on slowly?

Feeling a little rundown and tired?

Ready for some carefree beauty and joy in your life?

Like an adoring hug from a loved one?

A spontaneous cuddle and smile?

How about your most loved and cherished ones close enough to be held?


  1. Great post, Mindy! I love your photos. Super shot of the snail, sheesh! were you prostrate on the asphalt or what! you go girl!

  2. good shot of that snail! I never thought to photograph one! Goodness knows we have enough of them....
    Love miss Em's shirt ;)

  3. I took a diaper out to the garbage and saw this snail making his way across our walkway and just HAD to come back with my camera to capture him. Yes Lisa, I was nearly laying on the ground to capture this guy the way I wanted to. :) MomBrose - I thought of you and Bailey when I dressed Miss Em. :)