Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Sunday

Despite taking Miss Em to the doctor's at 9am Easter morning for a fever she had all day Saturday, our Easter Sunday was fabulous!  As is usually the case, Em had no fever once we arrived at the doctor's and no other symptoms.  Ears?  Clear.  Nasal discharge?  None.  Urine?  Well if they would have put the bag on right we might have found out it was dirty with another UTI, but they didn't so we had to wait a few more days to find this out and start treatment.

Oh well...onto sharing about out Easter celebration.  After the doctor's Em and I met Daddy and McGee at church and enjoyed a great Pastor Louis message.  Then we ran home, threw together a quick pasta salad and headed up to the ranch to be with Daddy's extended family.  Everything was green and beautiful, there were even some adorable calves chasing after their mommies (wish I would have gotten a picture).

McGee attempting to hug his sister...
then settling for holding her hand.

Great Uncle Evo - always so full of joy!

Em, Daddy & Grammy

The kids patiently waiting for lunch...

Grammy, Addie & Uncle Matt

Family picture attempt #1

Waiting to start the egg hunt, always with something on her head...

Miss Em was a bit tired so Daddy helped her find some eggs...

McGee had no trouble finding lots of eggs all on his own...

Trying to avoid getting too wet in the rain...

I wish I woke up to this view every the rolling green hills.

Zia asked Daddy & cousin Brian to bring their guitars so they played some worship songs for us to sing, the others played their violins, the organ and then Suzy played the piano and Zia sang from the Sound of Music.  It was a very memorable and spectacular musical celebration.

Miss Em was too tired and napped through it all...the fever had returned. :(

A loving Easter hug...

Family picture attempt #2

The final family picture attempt

Hope you all had a blessed Easter!


  1. Cute pictures! We didn't even attempt a family shot! :) Poor miss Em. I hope she is feeling better now. Her little dress and sweater were so cute!! She looks like she is getting SO tall!

  2. Poor baby girl. Hope she is feeling better. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter :)

  3. Em is feeling much better now and on her antibiotics. She's still a little crankier than usual and more tired, but otherwise doing well.