Monday, March 22, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to another Not Me! Monday!  This blog carnival was started by the fabulous MckMama and you can see what she and others have NOT been doing right here.  As for me, I will continue to share and relieve myself of the guilt from any embarrassments or mishaps that occurred this past week by confessing or NOT confessing, them all here.

 - I did NOT sound like an 80 year chain-smoker most of the week thanks to what I believe to be allergy induced laryngitis.

- Miss Em did NOT dump out a cup of sand on the threshold of the sliding glass door with most of the sand landing inside the house.  I am NOT one step closer to getting rid of the sandbox.

 - With a full Costco shopping cart, two kids and a bladder about to burst, I did NOT pray for the Lord to help me make it to the bathroom without accident and then see a friend's mom a little further down the aisle.  An answer to prayer, I did NOT go up to her, while she was on her cell phone, and say "I don't know if you remember me, but I know you're Tina's mom and could you do me a HUGE favor and just watch my kids in my cart for a minute while I run to the bathroom?"

 -  I did NOT take Kraft Mac'N Cheese to a potluck to feed all of the kids (17!) and put it in my fancy Pampered Chef rectangular stoneware with woven carrying basket.  This served well for reheating it, but I did NOT also sprinkle some bread crumbs and asiago cheese on top to try and make my dish look a little nicer than the cheap, processed food that it was.

- The picture below is NOT how we ate our dinner Friday night.  We are well mannered people and would NEVER eat our dinner picnic-style in the living room watching a Thomas the Train movie.

- In addition, there is NO WAY this picture shows how we prayed for our dinner.  We are always completely reverent I assure you.

 - While out taking pictures (or attempting to take pictures) with a friend of mine, this is NOT the look I got when I asked McGee to "show Mommy your eyes" (why will he never look at the camera??).

 - Finally, after a bad decision to let Miss Em have a Jamba Juice on the way home from the park, I di NOT have to take apart her whole car seat - including hosing it down and washing all of the cover.  My washing machine did NOT eat one of her strap covers in the process. 

 -  Daddy and I are NOT completely in love with this new hat we just received for Em as a hand-me-down.  She does NOT look completely adorable in it as the tomboy Mommy knew she'd always have!

Well that's all that this headache filled, coughing gal can come up with and remember right now, but I can bet there was probably a couple of things I forgot to mention.  Don't forget about my Wake the Bear Challenge, only another few weeks left!


  1. love the photos! you been having a few rough weeks, my friend. i'm so glad we got to go out with the gals sat. night!

  2. Thanks Lisa - Saturday night was great, so nice for the break!

  3. Wow! How neat that you know Shannon. She is now a friend of mine. Our children do Kindermusik together and have for a little over 3 years now I guess. Different kids for us both now. She is a real sweetie. Thanks for stopping by. Your kids are precious. I love the sand story. Sounds like my house. And of course having to hose down a carseat sounds pretty familiar too! Have a great day! Hope to "visit" with you again soon!

  4. Those are great!! I love that hat :) And the "show me your eyes" picture!

  5. you take very cute pictures. I was just browsing and looking at more of your blog after seeing your "Not Me" post. I too was a pampered chef consultant. Don't you just love their stuff! I also LOVE the picture of how you prayed over your dinner. This is exactly what my two little ones look like when we pray. Will they ever learn? As for the coughing goes. I am dealing with it right now and have been for 2 weeks. I hope you are feeling better now.

  6. Love your "picnic" dinner> We do the same thing for lunch as a special treat :)

  7. Goings on at the Glenn's - yes I love being a Pampered Chef consultant, but I haven't been very active since having my daughter. :)

    Alicia - I'm excited for the nicer weather we'll be having and all the fun outdoor lunch picnics!