Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snip, Snip

McGee was always afraid of the scissors and it was a long, torturous task to even get him comfortable with Daddy just "buzzing" his hair.  It took visual distraction (aka Winnie the Pooh), it took treats, it took bribery, buckets of tears and even a Bumbo seat - but eventually McGee became a well behaved boy who sat nicely for Daddy to give him a buzz cut.

We'd buzz it, let it grow out a bit until it started going over the ears, then buzz it again, rinse, repeat.  This winter however I fought hard (against both Daddy & McGee) to let his hair grow out a bit and get an actual haircut.  Both grandma's were behind me on this one and last Sunday I finally took him in to get it professionally cut and styled.

I booked a last minute appointment at a local children's barber shop, more expensive then I wanted to spend, but it was worth it for all the bells and whistles it provided to keep him happy (and sitting still)!  They had movies playing and a Thomas the Train table in the waiting room, each seat was a fun car to sit in and they had a video screen where the child could choose the movie they wanted to watch while getting their haircut.  Of course the magic touch was offering McGee a lollipop right before she started - that was it, he was hooked and kept busy watching Thomas and the trains.  I only had my old camera in my purse, but it provided me the opportunity to catch this adventure digitally.

Transfixed on the television screen and his lollipop...

Wow - is that actually a semi-smile?

Ahhh...there it is, the furrowed, unhappy brow once the scissors came out...

All done and still wanting to stay and play

I had better things in mind for our date though...lunch at In 'N Out and McGee got his own milkshake!  He chose vanilla - I think this might be Papa Gary's favorite flavor as well.  Mommy, of course, went for chocolate. :)  Sidenote:  Clean lens of camera, apparently children photographers have gotten their fingerprints smudged in the middle of the lens (right where McGee's cute face is)

A happy day for McGee and Mommy

Taking a bite out of becoming a "Big Boy"

Later he had fun chasing Miss Em around the house...I love how their legs are identically placed!
Congratulations McGee on your first professional haircut - I really enjoyed our special time together hanging out and talking.  Love you, Mommy

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