Monday, February 15, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to yet another "Not Me! Monday".  MckMama started this fun blog carnival and you can head over to her blog to see what she (and everyone else) has NOT been doing this last week.  As for me, well, you know, I barely ever have a week without SOMETHING that qualifies me for a "Not Me!" post and this last week is no exception.

 - After taking pics for this post, I did NOT decide to take advantage of having an external flash on and go into my daughter's room where she was supposed to be sleeping and try to get some sleeping shots.  HaHa!

 - In my haste to get Miss Em to the hospital as fast as possible, I did NOT go out of the house in my around-the-house scuzzies (not sure that's a word?) and I certainly did NOT spend all night at the hospital without a bra!  Nope, this classy gal would NEVER do that!

-  While waiting, waiting, waiting in the ER, Daddy and I did NOT try to keep Miss Em entertained by doing the likes of the Running Man, the Roger Rabbit, jumping jacks, the Chicken Dance and whatever else would make her laugh.  NO way we would do something that silly!

 - I did NOT find another photographer lurking in MY house!  NO way would I find the competition so close to home!

Hope you are blessed this week and enjoy watching the Olympics as much we do!


  1. Wait - am I missing something? Why was Em in the hospital? Maybe I missed that post? Hope everything is okay! Cute pics :)

  2. Em cut her finger on the lid of a tomato can. :( She's okay now - just had a few stitches.

  3. I missed that post too! I'm so behind! Glad she is better, but thinking of you doing the running man...bra-less, made me laugh out loud! :)

  4. O, lets just say.. doing jumping jacks without a bra.. had me cracking! :) Ag shame..i hope the little sicky & little miss finger is ok now.. :) Great blog!

    South Africa