Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Last week Grandma had come down to spend the day with the kids and I and when she was getting ready to leave she asked McGee, "Would you like to come up and spend a couple of days at Grandma and Grandpa's?"  McGee got this GIANT grin on his face and enthusiastically nodded in the affirmative.  Next he ran out of the room and within minutes he had a stack by the front door of his pillow, blankie, bear and sleeping bag, plus his backpack was all packed with some of his favorite toys and he was ready to go (or so he thought)!  Mommy went and packed an actual overnight bag with the essential clothes, undies, pull-ups, etc. and put his sleeping bag in it's carrying bag.  It was one EXCITED boy who left our house for Grandma and Grandpa's!

With McGee gone, Miss Em was super EXCITED to have the attention of Mommy and Daddy all to herself!

Love you kiddos - you are the best!

Love, Mommy


  1. so cute. lucky kiddos. time to cherish...

  2. I'm glad to see that his train whistle made it into the bag of favorite toys! ;)

  3. So funny Tina - I didn't even notice the train whistle, but yes, it's a favorite!