Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grabbing Hold, While Letting Go

Tonight is the FIRST night in nearly two years that Daddy and I are childless in our home.  After Em had her stitches removed this morning, Grandma and Grandpa asked if both kids could come stay for the night since Daddy and I were both feeling under the weather still.  It's been so quiet around here, but I'm enjoying the downtime with the love of my life as well.

Recently Em has been coming to me, taking my hand (or finger) saying, "Let's go!" or "Come with me!" and I've been delighted to follow wherever she leads me with that sweet little grip and touch of her hand.  Each time she does this my heart is touched, so I finally decided to try and snap a picture of her tiny hand and mine.  

I'm holding on tight to my children - their joy, their wonder, their love.  It all is wound so tightly around my heart and fills it up until I think it will burst, but I'm also letting go ...for tonight.


  1. have a great night! love the photo! feel better!

  2. sweet! I hope you guys enjoyed your evening together (and i pray you are feeling better!)

  3. The photo is priceless! I hope you are enjoying your evening together. It's such a gift to have that "just the two of us" time :)

  4. Thank you all - we had a great evening together and enjoyed having the kids come home again today.