Sunday, December 20, 2009

Daddy on the BIG Stage

Every year our church has a "Christmas Concert" with a choral ensemble and special music.  This year Daddy was asked to be a part of it and play guitar.  Again both of our parents came down to see it as well as some extended family.  It was a wonderful morning!  Please forgive my poor indoor photos, one day I'll have an external flash or a camera that can handle no-flash photography and higher ISOs better.

There he is - in the middle, guitar in hand, sitting on a stool

Daddy's Great Aunt Zia (Zia is "aunt" in Italian) and Great Uncle Evo

Cousins Carla, Brian and George

Evo & Daddy after the service

Just one more of Evo because we love him and I love this photo of him

Grandma and Miss Em

Grammy & Papa and the kids

Our kiddos with their 4 AMAZING grandparents!

A future performer perhaps???

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