Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We've Come a Long Way Baby...

My Dearest Love,

Fifteen years ago tonight, January 20,1995, our relationship began and we embarked on a wonderful journey that continues to this day.  This evening I dug into my hope chest and found one of my old diaries (yes I have always been a journaler/blogger).  Here is my entry from February 1, 1995:

I'm quite behind so I must try to catch up on things.  January 20th we had a dance at school and at the dance, Kyle and I spent most of the time outside talking.  By the end of the evening we were "together".  I say "together" because we didn't really ask each other out like in Jr. High, we just told each other we liked each other & became "together".  At first I was afraid things might be awkward because I don't think he's ever had a girlfriend before (he hadn't), but I was wrong.  Things aren't awkward, in fact I'm very comfortable around him & he seems to be comfortable around me also.  Kyle is absolutely wonderful (my diary had this underlined) though unlike any guy I've ever been together with.  He's hilarious, cute, nice, sensitive, strong, honest, open, loving, a bit shy, fun to be around, and a bit romantic (or so it seems so far!).  Also he respects women and is very old-fashioned which I love!  Sometimes he's a bit protective which rather annoys me but I suppose I should be flattered (yes I'm a bit independent minded I'll admit).  We've been together now for 1 week and 5 days and he's only kissed me on the cheek which is very sweet & considerate of him.  I hope things work out well for us!

I read this to you and we both laughed out loud when I got to the last part about "hoping things work out for us".  Reminds me of our senior yearbook where you signed mine saying, "Hope to see you around this summer."  As if we wouldn't be seeing each other most every day!  I'd say things have worked out pretty well for us so far!  These last fifteen years we've had quite a journey.

We've had many wonderful times: picnics, parties, camping trips, fishing, funny movies, football, baseball/softball games and the trips there and back, hanging out with friends, amazing college times and trips with friends, late night giggles, dancing, walks, Yellowstone, Vegas, Alaska, cruising, Monterey, Cambria, Laguna Beach, exploring new hobbies and realizing lifelong dreams, adopting Callie & Ben and experiencing the incredible gift of childbirth and being parents to our extraordinary children.

We've also made it through many difficult times with the loss of loved ones, my eating disorder, too many trips to the hospital for family and the near deaths of your father and brother, finding jobs and enduring the loss of our first child through miscarriage.  Through it all I have just grown deeper and deeper in love with you and thank you for sticking with me through the highs and the lows.  I made a scrapbook for you on our 3rd anniversary and thought I'd include some of the pages and some photos of when it all began (you can click on the photos to make them larger):

Peanut butter & jelly picnics by the creek

The pillow I made you and softball

A picture I found in the yearbook stack - I think Mr. Turner caught us!  What a good boy you were drinking milk before the big football game that night.

Remembering Granny & Uncle Ken

You were such a great fisherman - I always love being your "netter".  Hope we have many times enjoying camping and fishing with McGee and Miss Em!

College was so awesome!  You may have seemed opposites at first, but the Lord showed His wisdom when he put you and Steve together as roommates and blessed us with such great friends.  I remember this was our 3rd anniversary and you just told me to "dress up" and you guys took us to that seafood restaurant in Huntington Beach (by the Target) that I loved, might have been Market Broiler.  Such delicious Shrimp Scampi!  Afterward we went back to the dorms and you told us to change and dress "warm" then you blindfolded me and took us ice skating!  I remember being so excited as soon as you opened the doors to the rink and I could smell the ice.  What a great night we had!

Our first "kids" - Wesley and Bethany Wheat.  They were the cutest and sweetest kids and we had so much fun with them.  I can't believe they are teenagers now!  Seeing how terrific you were with them gave me my first insight as to what a great father you would be.

Ah...the Notre Dame sweatshirt.  I just wore that the other day and still love it.  I can't believe it has been 15 years and the sweatshirt is still being worn - and without and tears or holes!  This was a poem I wrote for you on your 17th birthday.  Here goes, a high school girl's heart:

Every day I am blessed when I see you.
All these feelings inside me are all rather new.
So many revelations, so many thoughts in my head,
and that plane of eternal love I have not even begun to tread.
What I see inside you I don't want to go,
Your caring and patience through the ebb and the flow.
Your gentleness I appreciate, your strength I try to absorb,
but really deep inside me it's your passion I adore.
Strong feelings of love, friendship and need,
No matter what happens just won't seem to leave.
Each day I see something wonderful inside,
Like a new shining shell brought in by the tide.
Although sometimes things get rocky and our tempers seem to flare,
Just remember that I love and that I will always care. - October 1995

And here we are today - January 20, 2010.
Fifteen years older, a little wiser, only a few pounds heavier, but more deeply in love and richer in life with the Lord and our children.  I love you babe, really, and can't wait to write you something for our 50th anniversary!  I sang it to you then and I still sing it to you now, "You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine".


  1. That was beautiful! (and made me tear up). What an awesome glimpse into your lives. And you look the same as you did in high school! (that REALLY is a compliment!).
    Happy "together" anniversary!

  2. Gosh how special, love you guys!
    Love, Nat

  3. I totally remember that night when the 4 of you guys went on that date. I think I may have even taken the pics for you down in the lobby. I will never forget what you told me about going out together so that the devil didn't come into your date and tempt you. You guys were always so careful about honoring Him and each other. :0)

  4. Heather Jo - thanks, you are always so sweet with the compliments!

    Nat - you've been there since the beginning (and WAY before)! Hope to catch up with you soon.

    Jess - You know I think you were the one who took that pic! What a good memory you have! I don't remember what I told you that night, but thank you for your kind words. How is that little miracle inside you coming along?

  5. Newtmom says:
    Happy 15 yrs. What a precious love you have for each other - it's obviously from the Lord. May He continue to bless your relationship together & allow it to ooze out to McGee & Miss Em.
    Love you both dearly, Mom