Friday, January 1, 2010

Ringing In the New Year

Only 16 minutes left of 2009!  What a year it has been for us with the blessing of two active young ones, Daddy's new 4th grade teaching position and opportunities of ministry through music and Mommy's decision to start this blog and explore her love of photography.  There have been high points and low points, but through it all we have stuck together and grown closer as a family of four (plus the two doggies).

We had a nice day at home playing with some new Christmas gifts.  I enjoyed seeing Miss Em's thighs which I have missed lately with them being covered up in pants with this cold weather.  She's only been walking a few months now but already she is starting to slim down and my "baby girl" is becoming a full fledged "toddler".

This evening we went to our friend's the Vogeli's (as we did last year) and enjoyed a delicious dinner and a competitive game of Star Wars Monopoly.  The kids enjoyed playing together, eating ice cream and McGee especially enjoyed watching the movie "Cars".  We stayed until about 10:30 p.m. then left to get the kids in bed.

Ryan came up as the big real estate mogul winner of our Monopoly game.  It reminded me of the hours my sister, brother, cousins and I used to play Monopoly on Christmas Eve.

Daddy and I spent our first New Years Eve together 15 years ago, as our families celebrated with dinner, games and a movie at the Bergeron's house.  I remember sitting on the couch giggling as we watched the movie "Alive" about a sports team's airplane that went down and some of the players had to eat each other (after they died) to stay alive.  Definitely immature, high school behavior going on don't you think?  Little did we know what the future would hold.  Twenty days later Daddy and I officially started "dating" and as they say...the rest is history!

Happy New Years - May You Be Abundantly Blessed in 2010!


  1. I love your comment about wanting to see Miss Em's thighs!! So funny!! I also saw that movie "Alive" - funny you guys were giggling :) Happy New Year!!

  2. Oh I DO adore Em's chubbs. Not sure if our giggling was funny or really morbid. :) Hope you're having a great 2010!