Friday, January 8, 2010

Last Day of Vacation

Today is Daddy's last day of vacation.  What a fun 3 weeks this has been!  We are so blessed to have this time as a family and I'm thankful we stayed home this time and just enjoyed relaxing around the house instead of traveling. 

I signed up for a free month of Blockbuster's movie-by-mail program so Daddy and I have been enjoying watching "Third Watch" - starting with Season 1.  "Third Watch" was a show that premiered in 2008 and was about the 3pm-11pm shift of New York Police, Firefighters and Paramedics in the 55th precinct.  It's intense and I introduced Daddy to it when we first got married.  We loved it then and we've been loving it now!  Watching it keeps bringing back memories of our first apartment in Costa Mesa (Vanguard Center) and what our life was like then.

Here are some pictures of our day so far:

McGee took ALL of the toys out of the toy box and created a "slide" with the toy box top and a blanket.

I love this picture and how it captures just how blue Miss Em's eyes really are and her constant companion, her comforting thumb (although she doesn't care WHICH thumb, either will do).

Some light reading by McGee with his new TAG book and reading pen system.

Now he's really buried in the book.

I spent a few minutes organizing some things in the garage and came in to find THIS (don't blame Daddy, we let him sleep in a little today).  Miss Em munching on a Santa chocolate crisp and enjoying EVERY bite!  She definitely takes after Mommy, although I think I'm a little neater.

At first I thought these marks on her cheek were chocolate too until I found one of my lipsticks on the floor.  Apparently she found it in my old purse in the front closet and decided to try it out.

After giving the kids a warm bath and dressing them, Daddy read "Duckling is Patient" before putting them down for naps.

As it always happens, FedEx delivered my post-Christmas deal of flannel sheets for McGee for only $11 (normally $42) & free shipping from Kohl's, right in the middle of naptime, complete with ringing doorbell and barking dogs.  Argh!

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  1. Looks like a fantastic day! And of course delivery trucks ALWAYS come at naptime. It's Murphys Law or something like it :D