Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside


Thanks to the chilly weather we've been having the last couple of weeks (at least according to THIS wussy gal), we have been staying mostly indoors and keeping warm and toasty.  Despite the wonderful collection of new Christmas toys to entertain the children, we needed a break.  Today we finally took that break and stopped by a park after dropping off a meal for a new mom from my mom's group.

Does this kid look cold to you?  I suggested he put his hands in his pockets and he said, "Hey! I know I can do THIS!" then proceeded to pull his hands inside his sweater sleeves.  Since we were just going to drop off a meal, jackets were not included in our outing, nor were hats, but we stopped to play anyway!

How to keep warm?  After McGee said over and over, "I want to go home, I'm cold."  I continued pushing Miss Em on the swing (she never wants to stop) and suggested he could warm up by running to the fence and back  Nothing could have been better since our "speedy" guy LOVES running - plus he burned some much needed energy to (hopefully) help him sleep tonight.

Miss Em just relaxing at the park

I'm not sure why, but I love this picture of Miss Em. Something about the entire composition always draws me in.

Why is it I always chop my boys head off on my FAVORITE pictures of him?  I really LOVE this expression, background, focus, etc., but despite it being popular, I'm not a big fan of chopping off heads in composition.  Hmm...

Miss Adventure was up for lots of swinging and sliding today.  She even hauled herself up a VERY large step to get on the play equipment and be able to slide down.

Anyone else think McGee's ear is bleeding?  It's actually just leftover berry smoothie I noticed in his ear after I took this shot.  :)  Smoothie's have been all the rage this last week and he's been asking for them daily.

Such a cheeky little guy (my Australian SIL is rubbing off on me)

Ahhh...the beloved swing

McGee enjoyed a little swing time himself

My pretty girl

My coy little boy

Loving the swing and a day at the park

After we came home I asked McGee what his favorite part of the park was thinking it would be the running or swings.  Here was his response: "Umm...(thinking) I liked the red bike best."  Of course!  The thing he sat on for the amount of time it took to snap this picture.  It must have made a big impression. It is, afterall, red, which happens to be McGee's favorite all-time color.

We came home, had hot chocolate and some hot oatmeal with apples and raisins and then the kids took nice long naps.   Ahhh.....


  1. I love all the pictures! And I don't mind the chopping of the head :D it's still a fantastic shot!

  2. Thank's for the sunshine on this rainy day! Love those precious little ones. (newtmom)

  3. Cute!! Looks chilly but fun!! Sometimes I chop off a head if I want to focus on the eyes or the smile more - the picture looks good!!

  4. adorable photos, mindy. i love the collage one! so fun. i even like the head chopped off one. a lot. i'm a fan of that, though i don't do it very often. your photos all look great despite the dreary day!

  5. Thanks all for the blog love via comments! I'm definitely warming up more to the head chopped off style of photography, but still haven't framed one like this yet. :)