Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas - from our home to yours!

I may be cutting it very close, but I didn't want to miss wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! Being the indecisive person that I am (well, sometimes) I'm sharing with you the 2 Christmas cards we sent out. Daddy like the red one and I liked both, so more is always better right?

We had such a blessed Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  Really, they were wonderful.  Despite some ailments and coughing fits from our Small Sunshines, this Christmas was very special as we were able to spend time with our families.  I took LOADS of pictures of course, which I am sure you'll be seeing some of in the future, but here are just a few that quickly caught my eye as they were uploading:


  1. Merry Christmas :D That one of miss Em opening a gift is PRICELESS! Love it! :) We had coughing fits here too :(
    Glad you picked two Christmas cards like us!

  2. LOVE your Christmas cards!!! I want to find out how you made them - what program, where to find the graphics, etc... I made mine this year too but had a hard time finding the graphics I wanted to use. You did a GREAT job!! Love all the pictures, especially the one of Em opening her gift too :)

  3. MomBrose - sorry to hear you have some coughs there too. Jaimie - thank you! I made them in Photoshop Elements and all of the papers and elements I found online for free. I think the name of the website is Shabby Princess.